Chef Katrina 

I am dedicated to giving children the life skill of nutrient-dense eating for healthier lives. I believe that serving foods in the forms found closest to nature is one way to help early learners create precious food memories—the recollection of that perfect piece of broccoli or the simple sweetness of steamed quinoa—and through this experience, expand their ability to select and appreciate nutrient-rich foods.

Chef Katrina Morkner

Help for Families

As a chef and educator, Katrina Morkner helps families facing dietary challenges resulting from allergies, food sensitivities, and other medical diagnoses.  She can provide a comprehensive solution, including researching options, creating food plans and recipies, and providing support and instruction to make the new cuisine work for the whole family.  

Help for Educators

As a professional chef, Katrina has worked with subsidized and tuition-based fee for service programs for nonprofit and private corporate programs. She supports educators in designing integrated food programs or changing existing programs, and she offers training and technical assistance through the process.

Valuable Resources

Visit Chef's Reference Library for cookbooks, children's pictures books about food, websites, and other resources to support healthy eating.