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Linking the Plants to the Recipes in the Integrated Food Curriculum

As a chef and an educator I always ask myself, when creating an original recipe, who does this recipe represent? This question originates in my curiosity to understand the cultural communities of the school I am working with. For example, at the school where I currently work, 16 languages are spoken. The children and their families, together with the faculty, have different cultural foods and food preparation traditions that represent the communities from which they originate. Together with the children, families, and faculty we are creating a new cultural community that will represent who we are as a school food community.

Below I have shared one season’s recipes/plant dyad.

1. Lettuces:  Summer Salad with Ranch Dressing two ways: Yogurt Base & Soy Base (vegan)
2. Carrots:  Bee-Bim Bop (rice topped with stir-fry carrots and optional egg pancake)
3. Squash, Zucchini:  Three Sisters Summer Soup

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