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One School’s Garden Question Responses

I have found that it is challenging to get individual teachers to answer these questions, and I have learned that asking them to work together as a teaching team works really well. Below are the answers from one school’s teaching teams to the first three garden questions.

Which plants have been successful?

  • Lettuces, kale, tomatoes beets
  • Carrots, lettuces, broccoli, radish, chard, kale, squashes, cherry tomatoes, fava beans, snap peas
  • Tomatoes, fava beans, lettuces, carrots, radish, potatoes, zucchini
  • Fava beans, chard
  • Tomatoes, chard, carrots, potatoes, beets, fava beans, lettuces, broccoli, cucumbers
  • Lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, beets, broccoli, pumpkins!, fava beans, radishes, kale, chard, cauliflower
Which plants didn’t work at all?

  • Carrots—because of their growth period
  • Soy beans, large tomatoes
  • Nothing listed
  • Nothing listed 
  • Cauliflower, soybeans, pumpkins (too cold?)
  • Celery—took forever but finally yielded two huge plants.  Our garlic was small and not so good.
  • Group Discussion10/15:  Soy beans, large tomatoes, cauliflower, dino kale, corn
Which plants do you never tire of growing?
  • Lettuces, kale
  • Carrots, fava, snap peas
  • Carrots, potatoes “I love having the kids dig for potatoes”
  • Carrots and tomatoes. “The children love to just pick and eat them”
  • Tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, lettuce
  • Carrots, beets, tomatoes, lettuce
  • Group Discussion 10/15: Herbs, cilantro, thyme, sage; carrot, snap peas, kale, lettuces, beets, onion, garlic, squash, fruit trees, broccoli: baby, purple, broccolini; sun flowers, potatoes, berries (blue!), cucumber, kale, chard, pumpkin

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