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Chef Katrina is not an MD, a dietician, or a nutritionist.  Rather, she takes the often-difficult nutritional requirements provided by doctors and nutritionists, and makes them work—deliciously—for you and your family.

The Chef does not work with families who wish to place children on restrictive diets without a medical diagnosis.

Helping families facing dietary challenges


"Katrina was a pleasure to work with. We found her adaptable, creative, and engaged in working with us during a challenging time."

Miranda Pinckert 

It’s difficult enough getting families to eat nourishing meals. Kids—and even adults—are distracted by the many treats and fast foods marketed to us all. 

But what if you or your child has a food sensitivity or an allergy? What if you suffer from a medical condition, like irritable bowel syndrome, Crone’s disease, ulcerative colitis, fructose malabsorption, that influences what you or your child can—and cannot—eat? Or perhaps you have cancer or Parkinson’s disease and you have been advised by your doctor to eat an anti-inflammatory diet. How do you create meals that both nourish and delight under those constraints?

The challenge

It is estimated that approximately 30% of the populations has some degree of non-lethal allergies and food sensitivities. These can range from foods that “don’t agree” to those that produce rashes or hives to foods that simply don’t break down well in the digestive system and often pass right through.

Sometimes, these poorly tolerated foods trigger or irritate more challenging problems. For example Crone’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease that can cause pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and rashes, requires a diet low in fibrous foods (and often, gluten).

Another 2% of the population have truly dangerous food allergies—those that can result in a severe reaction, call anaphylaxis. For these people, avoiding problem foods can be a matter of life and death.

For families dealing with food challenges, shopping, cooking, and mealtimes can be difficult, and tempers can easily fray. 

Chef Katrina can help.