Praise for Chef Katrina

From a physician

As an allergist, I have worked with Katrina helping kids with food allergies at the children's centers where she was the Chef. Most parents and patients would find the diagnosis of food allergy a doomsday ordeal, but Katrina not only came up with nutritious alternatives but made the food really interesting.  Katrina’s enthusiasm and passion for healthy food—as well as her understanding of what food is good for you—is infectious. She makes menu planning painless and enjoyable so you won't even miss the foods that you are avoiding. 

Katrina taught me about quinoa long before it was popularized. Who would have thought this little grain has more Omega than Salmon? She is incredibly knowledgeable and she will go out of her way to research and personalize meals plans. I find Chef Katrina an invaluable resource for food allergy meal planning.

Anita Carmen Choy, M.D.

From parents

We are so glad to have found a wonderful food advocate for our 4-year old son, Bodhi, in Katrina! Bodhi was diagnosed with a fructose malabsorption disorder as a baby. He also suffers from many food intolerances that make feeding him quite a challenge! Katrina’s experience as a chef and her work with families with food allergies and issues was integral in helping us translate (bridge) the dietary restriction guidelines we received from our team of doctors and nutritionist into something we could to serve to Bodhi. Faced with a daunting list of DON’T foods, Katrina worked with us to create a DO food list that became the basis for Bodhi’s dietary plan. She explained how meals could be planned and how to make the recipes more appetizing given his likes and dislikes of flavors and textures. She opened our eyes to how food can be enjoyable and in the process created a positive meal time for our family.

Zoom Compton
parent of a child with fructose malabsorption


Katrina is incredibly dedicated to the health and well-being of the children.  Her menus are creative, nutritious, and delicious … I believe that all of this has helped our son to really enjoy nutritious foods—I have friends at the house who are amazed that our son actually eats and enjoys many of his vegetables! …

I love that her meals come from a very wide range of ethnic influences—everything from Asian to American to Middle Eastern to Italian.  The kids get exposure to lots of different tastes at a very young age.  I love that most foods are homemade and not processed …. In addition to all of this work she puts into the general quality of the menu, Katrina has been incredibly sensitive and helpful to us with our son's allergies.  She has adapted many of her recipes to be egg-free, which makes my life so much easier … 

May 2008, Kim Jabal
parent of two children at the Google Children’s Center


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