Creating Opportunity for Food Learning 

As an early childhood nutrition consultant and trainer to educators, food programs, and administrators, Chef Katrina supported nonprofit and private corporate clients in implementing creative changes in their early childhood programs. Below are examples of the kinds of work she facilitates:

Food Learning for Teachers

  • How to create a culinary arts learning center
  • Cooking nutrient-dense foods together with children
  • Creating links to the people who grow our food—farmers
  • From seed to table to compost—school gardens support food learning
  • Professional Development, training, and coaching on the role of the teacher while sharing time at the meal table with children

For Administrators

  • Facilitate your program's creation and the implementation of a nutrition policy
  • Negotiate food service contracts and help write RFQ for out-sourcing your program's snacks and meals
  • Nutrition Program Budget Review
  • Head Start and Early Head Start Obesity Prevention Programs
  • Commercial Kitchen Design Review
  • CACFP Observations for Annual Audits
  • Grant Writing Team Member in the area of Health and Nutrition
  • Professional Development for the staff and teachers on an early childhood nutrition topic of your choosing—this custom course is then taught at your site

Curriculum Development

  • Farmer at the table
  • Culinary arts curriculum with nutrient-dense foods
  • Gardens that foster expanding children’s taste preferences—learning to love vegetables

Food Programs

  • Nutrient-dense menu development
  • Teaching cooks how to cook "from scratch"
  • Sourcing local produce, making farm to school connections, and working with produce vendors