Educators acknowledge the Chef

Palo Alto Community Children’s Center (PACCC)

…We would like to […] give special thanks to Katrina for her dedication to providing high quality, nutritious food for our children for over two years. She has helped PACCC improve the quality of the food that is served to children and has provided nutritional education to our staff and families. As a community, we have grown in our knowledge of the variety of foods our children should and (surprisingly) will eat!

Letter to PACCC Families

PACCC Chef Katrina Morkner carefully revised the lunch menus at our Infant-Toddler/Preschool programs to eliminate trans-fatty acids and began introducing a variety of whole grains and natural foods in child-friendly recipes. 

“Healthy Choices, Happy Children”
Palo Alto Community Child Care Report for 2004


Katrina is well-spoken, articulate and a natural-born leader who has already proven herself by her work in the children’s centers for early education at Google.  Her food is based in sound nutrition; it is delicious, and the kids and parents in the program love the food and are engaged in its preparation.  On the culinary and food-science side, she has been impeccable.  With her recently acquired credentials in Education, she will be a force in the national scene of childhood health.  

Olivia Wu, Executive Chef Google, Inc.

Katrina brought her vision and inspiration to the food program for children at the Google Children's Centers. She worked with us on developing a "seed-to-compost" food experience for children. She helped children on their way to lifetimes of healthy and sustainable eating by focusing on local, seasonal, whole, and organic food. […] Katrina made relationships with local farmers and brought their pictures and stories to children. She created opportunities for children to participate in "making their own food," by providing salad ingredients for children to wash and assemble.

November 2009, Janis Keyser
(Infant Toddler Manager, Google Children's Center)

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