Making Mealtimes Fun Again

As a guide to families facing food challenges, Chef Katrina provides hourly consulting to families who have specific areas that they need support in AND a Comprehensive Solution for those who need a plan that supports the entire family. At the initial one-hour interview, the medical diagnose will be reviewed and the exact services that your family needs will be determined. The Compprehensive Solution process is detailed below:

Phase One: Interview and Research

(approximately 15-20 hours)

  • Review the medical diagnosis and requirements.
  • Interview the family about food preferences and concerns, and identify family favorites.
  • Perform comprehensive research on options and alternatives.

Phase Two: Recipe Creation and Testing

(approximately 30-40 hours)

  • Modify (and in some cases, develop) recipes and when necessary, test them.
  • Build a menu plan that adheres to the medical requirements, but provides a balanced diet with ample variety and recipe rotation.
  • Identify any special ingredients or tools needed.
  • Create a written binder that includes the recipes, menu plan, and pantry list.
  • Review the menus, recipes, and panty list with the family’s cooks and revise as needed.

Phase Three: Connecting with the family

(approximately 10-20 hours) 

  • Taste-testing the recipes with the family (especially the member who is food challenged).
  • Cooking lessons: Chef Katrina will teach the family’s cooks how to prepare any new items, including stocks, sauces, grains, breads, desserts—whatever is needed.
  • Final revisions to all materials and hand-off.

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